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31st August 2017

“CHAT ROOMS” Public & Private


What is a Life2Moro Public Chat Room? Within this Medical Media Website there are two separate chat rooms, both can be found in section titled “Profile”. In the Profile area you are able to exchange, and share information, pictures etc with friends, celebrate memorable occasions. You can create groups with friends and family. Within the “Profile” section you can click for help, this provides information on setting up and using your profile.
The Public Chat Room in this area is where you can freely discuss any subjects you are happy to share with others.
Also from the Profile area you are provided a link to a Private Chat Room where you are given an unique password enabling you to post anonymously.

What is a Life2Moro Private Chat Room?

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What is a Life2Moro Private Chat Room? First, it allows you to discuss medical experiences on line that can be seen by other members worldwide without anyone knowing your identity. This allows you to be truthful about, drinking, smoking, drugs. I recently spoke with a medical professional, it seems that when a patient is asked by their doctor. “How much do you drink”? The patient doesn’t always give an honest answer, maybe because they’re embarrassed or haven’t reduced their drinking suggested by their doctor or medical professional. This equally applies to smoking, drugs, overeating and more.

The private chat room

The private chat room allows you to see live, other members questions and information, or you can create your own private chat room to ask questions and exchange information about your own conditions. You will be asked to enter a name of the subject you want to discuss with others. The private chat room gives you the opportunity to be 100% honest about any condition you’re suffering with. Once you’ve entered the condition or subject you wish to discuss with others, just click to upload on the internet, it could be read by your next-door neighbour or someone the other side of the world, your identity cannot be seen by anyone, your profile and the profile of others is completely anonymous, you can openly chat with one person or a group of people. There is no limit to the number of chat rooms on this website at any one time.


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Providing you are sure it’s not a life-threatening condition, you could use the chat rooms to ask questions about minor conditions, how to deal with them. The private chat rooms on this website are there to use, it may save you a long wait in A&E for advice, it may also save a visit to your GP, Doctor, Health Professional. Please always remember, the chat rooms are for the exchange of information only, if you are unsure or have any concerns, you should refer to your local first line out of hours emergency procedures.

Important Information

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The private chat rooms should NOT be used for any life-threatening conditions

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