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31st August 2017

Reasons To Stop And Change Your Life


FIRST let me say, I’m not here to suggest you should give up smoking, with due respect, my thoughts are, it’s the smoker who needs to make that decision, giving up any drug is not easy. The objective of this website, is to provide information on many subjects in a form that’s easily understood, allowing people to make an informed decision.
LET’S LOOK at some facts about smoking:
  • There are around 1.3 Billion smokers worldwide
  • People who smoke, double the risk of a heart attack
  • Smoking doubles the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Smoking temporarily increases blood pressure
  • It’s the nicotine that raises blood pressure and the heart rate
  • The carbon monoxide inhaled when smoking reduces oxygen in blood
  • Because of low oxygen, organs and every part of your body suffer
  • Smoking causes platelets in blood to become sticky, causing clotting
  • Sticky platelets and clots can cause a heart attack or stroke
  • Smoking can increase the possibility of dementia by up to 50%
  • Every cigarette you smoke reduces life expectancy by 5 minutes
  • On average smokers die 10 years earlier than non-smokers
  • Smoking could be a cause of cervical cancer
  • Every 7 seconds someone dies from disease caused by smoking
  • Smoking related disease kills around 6 million people worldwide
  • Up to 1 million non-smokers die annually breathing in another person’s cigarette smoke (this is called passive smoking)
  • Up to 20% of the 1 million non-smokers who die are children
  • For every 10 Smokers who die, around 300 smokers will survive to live the rest of their lives with serious medical conditions, most attributed to smoking, this can seriously impact quality of life
  • Smokers who die early may leave loved ones with financial problems
  • Smoking from the first cigarette and through the years ahead may possibly cause financial problems. Cigarettes in the UK cost between £7.65 and £11.30, taking an average price of £9.47 for a packet of 20 cigarettes a day, you will spend £3,456 every year out of nett income
  • Australia is the most expensive place in the world to smoke, a pack of 20 cigarettes costs 40 Australian dollars, £23.00 that’s £8395 annually
  • Comparing this to the United States where a packet of 20 cigarettes average cost $6 Dollars equal to $2190 annually or £1617.00 in the UK

  • However, what ever you pay, Doctors and Health Professionals will tell you that smoking has all the health issues detailed above, it may cause a stroke, it may cause a heart attack, it may cause a disability that changes your quality of life, you may have to carry an oxygen cylinder on your back because you can’t breathe without additional oxygen, or you may die ten years earlier than a non-smoker. Food for thought.
    You may have read in the home pages, a section on smoking before you joined Life2Moro ®, where I explained some of the damage it does to your heart, your lungs, your arteries. Many smokers I spoke with, were aware of some of the damage smoking causes, but were horrified when they read about all the possible repercussions to their body. Without question, almost everyone I spoke with wanted to give up smoking, however, there were some who felt it was worth taking the risk of continuing to smoke, everyone has a choice.
    There were others who gave up smoking for a period, then started again. I can understand how difficult it is to stop, although not the same, I was drinking too much black coffee, I tried cutting down, that didn’t work, so then decided to stop, it was so hard in the first weeks, even months not having a coffee after a meal out, however, fortunately I persevered, it was a year before I didn’t have the craving for a cup of coffee. I’m sure it’s a lot easier to give up coffee compared to giving up smoking.
    Listening to smokers and how they’ve tried to kick the habit, some stopped for days, some for months. One person had stopped for two years, however due to circumstances in their life, they got stressed and decided to have just one cigarette to make themselves feel better, unfortunately one cigarette led to two cigarettes, now their smoking more than they did two years ago!
    I’ve also been on line finding hundreds of websites with ideas how to stop smoking. All sites were very interesting in their approach and well written, however I couldn’t find one site that asked the question!
    “Why do you want to stop smoking”?
    During all my business life whenever I wanted to do something or achieve something, I always asked myself the same questions:
    (1) Why am I doing this?
    (2) What will I achieve by doing this?
    (3) What are the benefits?

My thoughts are that to give up smoking or indeed anything you want to give up you need a reason to give you the incentive, the willpower, a challenge, that has a meaningful reason in your life. Below are some of my thoughts that may help you to stop smoking:
(1) From my perspective, I would want to see my children get married
(2) Then, I would want to see my Grandchildren grow up
(3) For those who don’t have children I would want to be around my friends and enjoy their company over the years ahead
(4) My thoughts then turn to statistics which indicate smokers on average die ten years earlier than a non-smoker
(5) Then I would think about my own wellbeing, again statistics show that smokers have an increased chance of a heart attack and die
(6) Smoking can be the cause of a stroke, I know a stroke can kill me immediately, however if I survive a stroke I could be left in a wheelchair, paralysed and possibly unable to speak easily
(7) Should I have a heart attack and survive I may be confined to a wheelchair, due to damage a heart attack causes
(8) If I was a sports person there are many disabilities smoking can cause that will have an impact on me enjoying my favourite pastime
(9) Knowing how the tar in smoking damages my lungs, I could end up having an oxygen tank on my back because I can’t breathe properly
(10) One thing for sure, smoking will have a big impact on my quality of life
(11) I’m thinking of bringing a new life into our world, I know the damage smoking will have on the health of a young new life
(12) I know that smoking could damage my lungs or possibly give me lung cancer, I also know that 80% of lung cancer patients die within five years of being diagnosed

Going back to my thoughts at the beginning of this section I listed these three questions for people who smoke!
(1) Why am I smoking? There’s no logical reason to smoke
(2) What are the benefits of smoking? Absolutely none
(3) What will I achieve by stopping smoking? There’s 12 possibilities above!

There is a bonus if you stop smoking, if you only smoke one pack a day, over a ten-year period you will, without allowing for inflation save £40,880. Should two people smoke in one household it’s possible to save £81,760.
Your saving could buy a new car, a world cruise, a new house and much more.

That’s a lot of cash in any currency!!

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