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31st August 2017

What Is Disease?


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I have looked online at the different definitions of "Disease"




What is an Autoimmune disease?

One thing I know for sure is that, disease will affect blood pressure.

How does a disease begin?

This is a subject Medical Students spend years studying, for this section I’m using a few words to describe a complex subject.

A disease in the human body starts with an infection caused by viruses’ microbes and bacteria which enter your body in different ways, disease begins when these microbes start to multiply, it’s when the cells in your body are damaged by infections, that cause symptoms and signs of an illness that a disease has affected their bodies.

Some infections or diseases will have an almost immediate effect on the human body, other take time, this is when there are no immediate symptoms and it may take weeks, months or even years before a disease is detected and symptoms start to appear.

Here's an example...

Although there are many causes of disease, there are two that spring to mind, alcohol and tobacco. If you start to have a drink every day or smoke every day, after seven days it’s unlikely people will have any symptoms, maybe a month will go by with no symptoms, maybe even longer. There’s an analogy that springs to mind. Picture a sheet of bright shiny steel. For a week, using water you wash the surface of your shiny steel plate, the water runs off and the steel plate looks good.

However, if you continue to pour water on your shiny steel plate, although the surface still looks shiny after a short period of time the shiny steel plate will start to fade and, after time spots start to appear, and as more time passes the whole surface becomes pitted, covered in scabs and rust. People who smoke may have no immediate symptoms. However over months and years ahead, the bright clean walls of the lungs start to dull, eventually start to become clogged with tar and cease to work properly. In a similar way, people who drink alcohol have a bright clear liver, as you will guess, months and years of pouring alcohol into your liver causes silent scaring that may take time to produce any symptoms, this is due to the liver having a lot of spare capacity, however when the capacity is used up the problems start.
The analogy above is not confined just to alcohol and tobacco, overdosing other organs in your body may cause similar problems, it comes back to the saying “You are what you eat and drink”.
What’s the answer? There’s no magic.
There’s no “Cure it all Pill”.
You can’t change the past; however, today you can begin looking to the future.
Look forward to a combination of diet, lifestyle and bucket loads of will power which could change your Life2Moro ®
The information above, are just a few words on a subject people spend their lives writing about, we’ll be adding more information during future updates.

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