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You can use our website in virtually any language to exchange medical and other information, ask questions totally anonymously with other users around the world.


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Let me explain. I started writing this website to share with others how I successfully managed my blood pressure. My thoughts were, maybe three pages, a week's writing and upload ready to be found on Google.
However, before I started to write about my experiences, I read magazines, medical books and numerous websites to ensure the information I was about to upload was medically correct.
My research into blood pressure made me realise my knowledge about blood pressure was very limited, so I decided to research and write more. That was three years ago.
During the early days of my fact finding, I started to realise High Blood Pressure was the cause of so many serious conditions, some life threatening. I also realised that many medical conditions caused High Blood Pressure. The bit that concerned me most, was that doctors and health professionals kept referring to high blood pressure as the ‘Silent Killer’.
I can't emphasise enough how much blood pressure affects every person in the world, no matter if blood pressure is high or low.
As previously mentioned, your heart, among other functions, pumps blood under pressure to your brain to keep you alive.
Too much pressure may burst arteries in your brain and cause a stroke.
Too little pressure may cause your brain to die, that's why blood pressure needs to be understood and controlled.


In the UK alone, every year around 70,000 people die from heart attacks, strokes, and other associated conditions due to
poorly controlled blood pressure
Worldwide, around 10 million people die every year from heart attacks, strokes, and other associated conditions due to
poorly controlled blood pressure
That equates to around 27,000 people dying every day, more than
1000 people dying every hour.

Over time, poorly controlled blood pressure quietly damages arteries and organs in your body, due to the fact there are often no symptoms.
This website may provide people with information that could save lives, it's important to get blood pressure checked before any damage starts to cause problems.

Easily understood format

There are hundreds of great websites that talk about blood pressure, plus other informative sites that talk about many medical conditions.
But I realised I had the opportunity to create a website detailing information in an easy to understand format in many languages about a wide range of medical conditions where high blood pressure is implicated.
One of the conditions that was repeatedly referred to was “Stress” which has a major impact on our lives. Medical experts reported that stress was a contributing factor to high blood pressure and other medical conditions.

It's been reported that when people go to their doctor explaining they feel stressed, they may find that Doctors don't normally prescribe medication for stress, unless the person has underlying conditions - this could be depression or problems sleeping to name just two. Stress can lead to doctors prescribing antidepressants, a subject covered in section 19 of my website.


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  • What are the causes of high blood pressure
  • How to manage your Blood Pressure
  • How Magnesium, Potassium Deficiency affect blood pressure
  • How diabetes influences blood pressure
  • How exercise changes blood pressure
  • How diet changes blood pressure
  • The danger of training when angry
  • Information about salt and sugar
  • How to manage stress. What’s the answer?
  • How blood pressure impacts having a stroke
  • The impact of hormones, how they rule your life
  • How to manage Erectile Dysfunction
  • What is Cortisol, we all have it?
  • The importance of sleep
  • Dementia - Alzheimers
  • A different approach to end smoking
  • Minimise danger of a stroke
  • Minimise danger of a heart attack
  • Supplements & Vitamins, are they good or bad
  • Lose weight while sleeping

Living every day with any medical condition

I would mention again, of the 1.3 billion in the world who have a blood pressure condition, there are some 300 million people in the world who are unaware they have higher than normal blood pressure.
The information on this website could possibly stop you, or someone close to you, being one of the 300 million.

Living every day with any medical condition can be very stressful. My research has found ways of explaining causes and managing many conditions as well as High Blood Pressure. Hopefully some of the information within this website may assist you in managing a good quality of Life2Moro ®
Life2Moro ® is a “Medical Media Website” in virtually any language.
Life goes by so quickly, you never know what’s around the next corner. It’s possible the Life2Moro website may provide some answers to helping you manage your quality of life.
Life2Moro ®
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As a user you can exchange information about your experiences anonymously, share your views in the Chat Rooms, in addition, you’ll be able to read new medical information, new data, medical advances, ongoing updates and new sections as they become available.